A look around the studio

I'm not a tidy studio worker: I often leave designs laid around unfinished for ages, I need to have things out where I can see them or they never get finished but I think there's a certain beauty in busy studios.

Here's a little sneak peek of the brain of the Hadley studio in case you're interested.


My Granny's collection of Indian nesting baskets crammed full of random sewing bits. I like to have things of sentimental value where I work.



Paste! For making paste paper. I'll upload instructions on how to make it soon.



Very low quality block printing ink, I love the goopy quality of it



BOXES. I can't throw a little box away - they're so handy! It's a curse



My glue shelf - because when you make collage you're basically a professional glue spreader, there's a real art to gluing things right.



My Mandrake print - got to have a reminder of the end point: what it's all about.



Very expensive Gouache! A real investment set there - from AJ Fitzpatrick, I love gouache, it's the most supreme paint, you can use it in so many different ways. Maybe I'll go in to that a little more in another post too.



The pretty pot graveyard. I have many pots for brushes, rollers, pens - you name it. If a pretty pot gets a bit broken in the kitchen it I snaffle it for my shelf and if I'm at a car boot and find a useless but pretty pot I have the perfect excuse to buy it. Perks of the job.



These drawers are incredible, everything goes in them. I know that's not handy because they were such a brilliant find that isn't replicable. If only Ikea did their Moppe drawers in a massive size it would be the perfect piece of studio furniture.

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