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Why the name? Why Sketch/Notebooks?

The new Sketch/Notebooks are here!!!!

But why the name? Why Sketch/Notebooks?

Well because you can use them as a notebook and a sketchbook too, that's the bones of it. 

But more than that I wanted to make perfect little book for containing all my thoughts and ideas (selfish really) and my ideas never stay in one format. I struggle to fill a sketchbook with images just as much as I struggle to make notes without wandering in to images and sketches.

I'm a chaotic person and a lot of my creative output is just due to finding ways of harnessing that! I wanted to make these notebooks to help all my chaotic kin bring their ideas together too.

Here are the important parts.



- chuck them around, carry them with you, have it there when you need it. It doesn't need to be a precious book.



- less commitment! These little portable numbers are your friend for a little while, to carry your thoughts. We don't need weighty tomes, just a little help to keep those ideas recorded and flowing. And if it goes missing you can shrug and pick up another. That's why we sell them in packs of 5 too.



- Throw what art materials you like at these books, the thick pages can carry most everything, you can scribble/paint/scrawl your ideas on to the them - then double back and do it all over again.



- Naturally they have to be easy on the eye too, what good would a Sketch/Notebook be if it didn't give you a certain feeling!? - maybe pink/red or lime green to help you feel fizzy and excited, blue/white to get expansive, black/white for that solid, centred feel and green/brown for the deepest thoughts.

Or a set of all five to cover all bases

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